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Most Famous News Anchors and Their Earnings

Stating it boringly is not something they do. Our favorite news anchors know how to make the most of it when it comes to presenting news to viewers. Bringing the who’s, what’s, how’s and where’s from all over the world, these news anchors sensationalized our screens. They have established themselves in our lives so much so that we can’t imagine our days without them.  Their opinions may differ, but they all unanimously keep truth and entertainment right on the number one spot. And it certainly helps that their immense talent makes their bank accounts go ka-ching. With their respective networks investing in them, let’s find out how much they take home…

Abby Huntsman: ~ $3 Million

Starting with Good Morning America at the mere age of 16, Abby learned while working behind the scenes that this is not something she can do forever. However, interning with iconic journalist Diane Sawyer proved to be a turning point in her life. Having listed in Forbes 30 under 30 list as number 26, she certainly made her presence felt in the media industry. Having many years of experience with different networks, she joined The View in 2018. Previously while working with Fox news she was reportedly earning $3 million a year. But this switch to ABC network must have upped the number. According to Huntsman, she feels herself to be lucky to get a job where she can explore her capabilities.

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