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Most Famous News Anchors and Their Earnings

Stating it boringly is not something they do. Our favorite news anchors know how to make the most of it when it comes to presenting news to viewers. Bringing the who’s, what’s, how’s and where’s from all over the world, these news anchors sensationalized our screens. They have established themselves in our lives so much so that we can’t imagine our days without them.  Their opinions may differ, but they all unanimously keep truth and entertainment right on the number one spot. And it certainly helps that their immense talent makes their bank accounts go ka-ching. With their respective networks investing in them, let’s find out how much they take home…

Erin Andrews: ~ $2 Million

Starting her career with ESPN, Erin soon became a star sportscaster given her passion towards sports. Her sideline interviews gained her popularity, where she made  interviewing invigorated athletes looked like an easy-breezy task. When she joined Fox NFL she was reportedly taking home a whopping $2 millions as annual salary. She was inspired by her father to tell tales of sports to her viewers. In her words, she is blessed to be living the dream.

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