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Never Mistake Buying these Things Secondhand

Who doesn’t love a good bargain, right? There’s something about it that makes us feel accomplished no matter how small the discount it. Sometimes, bargaining can be addictive especially when we know that sellers in flea markets will eventually give in. Maybe the rich and famous can never know the elation it gives the consumer when they have saved a dollar or two in their purchases.

But no matter how economical bargaining is, there are just some things that needs to be purchased brand new. Not only can it save us money in the long term, but these things can also be vital in our security and health.

Here are the top things that consumers should never buy used.


Replace helmets that have been through an accident

For the riders and bikers out there, always make the conscious decision to purchase helmets brand new. Helmets are very important to lessen the impact of accidents, if we ever encounter one. A used helmet can have small dents, cracks or scratches that can compromise the safety it gives. Invest in a good and branded helmet and never look back to buying cheap ones.


There are many people posting to sell preloved items on their social media accounts. There’s nothing wrong with buying them, except for footwear. There are many bacteria and fungi spores that can possibly irritate our foot, leading to skin allergies and fungus. Feet odor caused by the bacteria can also be passed on and we don’t want that to happen. Aside from health and hygienic purposes, secondhand shoes, especially running ones can only give discomfort and increase risk of injuries.

Car seats

U.S.A. has a very strict car seat law in each state

Countries like the U.S have laws that children should be placed in a car seat during travel. It gives them protection and of course comfort. But car seats can be expensive which is why some parents settle for hand-me-downs. Since we really don’t know how to examine car seats, chances are we might be paying for a slightly damaged one. Buying a brand new may be pricey but we can ensure that it’s at its best condition to give protection to our children.


Not all people are capable of fixing gadgets since it requires skill and knowledge to do it. We think that buying a secondhand laptop is a way to save money when in truth it can only lead us to a more expensive journey. Once a laptop has a defect, it is only a matter of time before it escalates to more problems. And since we have bought it used, chances are the warranty has already expired. That leaves us with spending personal money to cover for the repairs.

Non-stick pans

People who love spending time in the kitchen know that a good non-stick pan is worth the investment. It can really be expensive but it would make cooking a lot easier. The problem with non-stick pans is that the coating can wear out over time. These coating makes a non-stick pan, non-stick. Without it, cleaning and cooking will become a challenge. Apart from that, chemicals from the coating can potentially release chemicals that are harmful for the body.

Upholstered furniture

Family-owned furniture is usually sold when they move out or migrate. This gives the neighborhood a good chance of snatching a new sofa set. But along with the upholstery are the dust mites and odors that would require disinfectants to kill. It’s best to avoid buying these types of furniture especially if the previous owner had pets.


Recent survey shows that almost 500 people die around the world due to tire-related accidents

Tires can wear out over time and buying it secondhand can only put our safety at risk. There are still people who buy secondhand tires despite the risk involved. Who can even blame them when a single new tire can be worth so much, and there are four that needs replacement. But investing in good tires is better than paying hospital bills when unforeseen accidents happen due to worn out tires.


Buying these things brand new can be pricey and there’s a reason for that. We are buying the quality that comes with it. We are buying the protection that it offers and it prevents us from spending money from unnecessary defects and accidents. There are still items though that are best purchased secondhand but that’s for another day.

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