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Glow Green: Marie Claire’s Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

As we paint our faces and pamper our skin, there is been a whisper among the beauty grapevines: Can we shine without casting a shadow on the planet? Thanks to Marie Claire U.K.’s latest revelations, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Let’s dive into the crests and waves of sustainable beauty this year.

Floral Street

Taking the prime spot is Floral Street, where beauty blooms sustainably. Imagine a lush English garden, and you have a whiff of their fragrances. Beyond the allure of their scents, it is their eco-vision that has caught the world’s attention.

Getty Images / Thanks to its sustainability measures, Floral Street is listed as the leading wellness brand by Marie Claire U.K.’s Sustainability judges.

From seed to perfume, their ethos is about harmony with nature, celebrating beauty without the eco-guilt.

Susanne Kaufmann

A symphony of nature’s best, Susanne Kaufmann’s range transports you straight to the heart of the Bregenz Forest. Every dollop, drop, and dab is an echo of nature’s purity. Their sustainably sourced ingredients and green production practices have made them a beacon in the world of conscious beauty.

With Susanne Kaufmann, luxury finds its true essence in sustainability.

The Body Shop

A stalwart in the eco-beauty domain, The Body Shop has consistently shown us that advocacy and beauty are soulmates. From their trailblazing stand against animal testing to their eco-refill stations, they have been nurturing both our skin and the planet.

The Talks / With its deep reverence to Mother Nature, The Body Shop is voted by Marie Claire U.K. as the top sustainable brand.

Even after so many years in the business, they are still proving why they are the OG green beauty brand everyone adores.


Here is a brand that has reimagined beauty with a touch of celestial wonder. Davine’s line-up is as much about nourishment as it is about sustainability. With a palette crafted from Earth’s choicest offerings and a fierce dedication to eco-practices, they are reminding us that the best beauty secrets have always been whispered by nature.


In the tapestry of beauty, STORIES Perfums weaves tales that linger not just on the skin but also in the heart. Beyond their ethereal fragrances lies a commitment to tread lightly on the Earth. Ethical sourcing, recyclable packaging, and the spirit of sustainability infuse every fragrance note.

GTN / As STORIES Perums continues to its sustainability and wellness measures, STORIES Perfums is ranked the top wellness brand of the year.

With STORIES, every scent trail is also a green trail.

Fable & Mane

Last on our list, but certainly not least, Fable & Mane brings to the table a legacy of ancient Indian haircare wisdom. Their elixirs, derived from Ayurvedic traditions, are a testament to nature’s prowess. And as they bottle these age-old secrets, they ensure that the planet is not paying the price.

Beauty, tradition, and sustainability – Fable & Mane’s trinity is indeed enchanting.

Stepping into the limelight this year, these brands have set the stage on fire (eco-friendly fire, of course!) with their commitment to beauty that does not cost the Earth. Thanks to Marie Claire U.K.’s spotlight, we now have a beauty roadmap that is as kind to our skin as it is to our planet. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, discover your favorite wellness brand in this exclusive list!

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