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Celebrity Purchases Of the Outrageous Kind

Many celebrities have a laundry list of high priced goods and the way they spend huge sums of money like there’s no tomorrow can make one wonder why they are indulging in purchases of the outrageous variety. We definitely envy their ability to purchase whatever they want whenever it fancies them. However, it doesn’t make the products they purchase look less outrageous just because they are celebrities.

The list of celebrities investing large sums of money in outrageous things is long and includes names like Jay-Z and Nicolas Cage and a few others. We have compiled this list to give you an indication of the extremely expensive variety of purchases made by celebrities.

Angelina Jolie Brought Brad Pitt A Helicopter Costing $1 Million

The Sun reported on May 1, 2012, that Angelina Jolie had spent $1 million on a luxury helicopter. It was initially believed that the helicopter would be used to ferry her six children around the world until anonymous information emerged that the aircraft was purchased exclusively for the use of Brad Pitt. The sole objective of buying the aircraft was to have the ability to fly to and from Cannes. Isn’t the purchase outlandish?

The $250,000 Bottles of Champagne Purchased by Jay-Z

After earning $37 million in 2011 Jay-Z decided to indulge in some extravagant expenditure and spent $250,000 on bottles of champagne.

If anyone knows a thing or two about making money it is the rapper Jay-Z. He was listed by Forbes as the hip-hop artist who earned the highest in 2011. After making $37 million for himself Jay-Z decided that it would afford to indulge in some outrageous expenditure and spent $250,000 on bottles of Armand de Brignac which is a luxurious champagne also identified as the Ace of Spades.

The Castle Purchased by Nicolas Cage


What was Nicholas Cage thinking??

Offering any sympathies to Nicholas Cage along with the mountain of debt he has accumulated over the years will be difficult especially when you understand the kind of outrageous items he has been purchasing. Along with ancient skeletons and other items he also had a 28 room Bavarian castle which he, unfortunately, had to dispose of in 2009 because the economic situation was difficult.

The $100,000 Motor Boat Of Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson decided to spend $100,000 on a motorboat for her boyfriend in 2009 Tony Romo. The blonde star was hoping that the 450 hp gift would perhaps convince the NFL quarterback into marriage. Romo did not refuse the outrageous gift and even thanked Jessica for it by walking out on her one day before her 29th birthday. That was $100,000 down a watery drain for Jessica.

The $1 Million Comic Book Collection Of Nicholas Cage

Many children haven’t even seen comic books leave unknown $1 million worth of the books. However many people are not similar to Nicolas Cage who has been sent to this planet to spend as much money as he can possibly lay his hands on. He even had a Superman comic which had been reported stolen a decade ago only to be recovered from a storage locker in April 2011.

The $960,000 Painting Purchased by Brad Pitt

High unemployment rates or soaring recession in the United States mean nothing for celebrities because they continue their lives without making any major changes. Brad Pitt is not an exception to this rule and spent nearly $1 million to purchase a painting by the German artist Neil Rauch. This was just another outrageous purchase by a celebrity who continued living on as though nothing had happened.

The $20 Million Kim Basinger Spent to Purchase a Town


The award for the undisputed Queen of outrageous purchases goes to Kim Basinger who purchased Braselton, Georgia for $20 million.

If any celebrity had to be crowned the queen of outrageous celebrity purchases, Kim Basinger would be the undisputed leader. This actress decided to purchase an entire town in Georgia for a price of $20 million way back in 1989. She could have invested in an island in Barbados or made any other investments but no she had to go with Braselton Georgia to satisfy her outrageous desire.

Would You Spend $1700 To Fly out Your Hat?

What would be your choice if you forgot your favorite hat home on a vacation? Would you consider purchasing a new one or have it sent down to you by courier? Would you consider having it delivered to by spending $1700 for a plane ticket? If you are the front man of U2 you would use the last option and spend $1700 to have your favorite hat delivered to you on an airplane. By the way, he did precisely that because he could afford it.

This is the list of celebrities who made outrageous purchases simply because they had huge sums of money in their possession. It’s a different matter that some of them had to sell their purchases because they felt on difficult times which they wouldn’t have if they had been careful.

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