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These Famous Celebrity Couples are In It for the Long Haul

Ever so often, we hear that our favorite celebrity couple has broken up or called their divorce lawyers to legally call it quits and it just ruins our day. Think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Of course, it’s a sad event made even worse when family lawyers are involved and the parents fight for the custody of their children.

And yet, there are plenty of stars who have stayed together for a long time and weathered many storms together. Sure, marriage is a gamble, and there are many times when one feels like loading their U-Haul and moving out, but in the end… love wins! That’s why it’s so heartening to hear of long-lasting marriages and relationships, which certainly is not the norm in Hollywood.

Here are some celebrity couples who have us rooting for them.

Pat Sajak – Married To Lesly Brown for 31 Years

Everyone’s been following closely on Pat Sajak’s progress as he’s been fighting his pancreatic cancer since 2019. As the Wheel of Fortune show needs to continue airing both his daughter, Maggie, and his co-host Vanna White has stepped in to help host it in his absence. He’s now back on the studios filming more episodes!

Pat was incredibly fortunate to have his wife Lesly Brown by his side through his adventure. They have been married for 31 years now, and have given birth to two wonderful children, Patrick and Maggie. Through it all, he’s earned a $65-million fortune for himself and his family.

Troy Aikman – Married to Catherine ‘Capa’ Mooty for 2 Years

NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman has found love again, after a very expensive divorce from his first wife, Rhonda Worthey. When the former football player is not sharing his expertise about the game on-air, he can be found spending time with his current wife, Capa Mooty and his two daughters, who he co-parents with his ex-wife.

Capa and Troy tested their compatibility with a year and a half of dating before they decided to get married in 2017, as both of them have been previously married. Capa has two boys of her own and along with Troy and his daughters, they seem to be one big happy family.

Tom Selleck – Married to Jillie Mack for 22 Years

Tom Selleck, the hunky and deep voiced silver-fox from the TV show Friends is better known to the older generation for another hugely popular TV show, Magnum, P.I. In fact, the show kept the actor so busy with shooting and promotions, that it led to the end of his first marriage. Tom was previously married to Jacqueline Ray, a model.

So when he met Jillie Mack, an English actress, and wanted to settle down with her, he swore that things would be different and did not mind sacrificing acting jobs and even quitting Magnum P.I. after his daughter, Hannah, was born. Tom was last seen in the TV series Blue Bloods, but he’s more than happy living on his ranch, growing avocados and breeding horses with his daughter’s help.


Melissa Gilbert – Married to Timothy Busfield for 6 Years

Little House on the Prairie was a famous old TV show that had many memorable actors in it, in a time when cable TV didn’t even exist. One of those performers on the show was a young Melissa Gilbert, who played the role of Laura Ingalls. When Melissa’s two previous marriages ended in divorce, she may not have expected to find love again, until she met her match in Timothy.

Actor and director Timothy Busfield, who we know from Thirtysomething, was sitting in Gilbert’s usual chair at the bar she frequented and that’s how they got talking. Their fate was sealed the next day when they had their first formal date over brunch. They got married in 2013 (she wore a beautiful red dress!) and began their life with a huge family, as Gilbert has 2 kids and Busfield has 3 kids from their previous marriages.

Megyn Kelly – Married to Douglas Brunt for 11 Years

Megyn Kelly created quite a stir because of some controversial on-air remarks during an episode of the Megyn Kelly Today show. Her comments caused such a stir that it made NBC terminate her contract. Through it all, Kelly’s husband, Douglas Brunt, remained by her side, showing his full support.

When they got married, Brunt was the President and CEO of the cybersecurity firm Authentium, but now he is a full time writer and novelist. On their recent wedding anniversary, he called Kelly ‘an amazing woman,’ and mentioned how his love for the famous host keeps growing every day. The couple tied the knot back in 2008, and they have three children together.

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