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These Celebrity Heavyweights Dropped the Pounds and Now Feel Fabulous

Despite the proliferation of body positive and self-love posts on social media, it is still a grim reality that much of society gauges a person’s worth on his or her weight. This is especially true for celebrities who are constantly in the limelight as they often come under fire when they so much as gain a pound. We can’t blame them, therefore, why they go through extremes in the name of weight loss; from fad diets to even drastic cosmetic surgery, these stars have done it all in the name of public and media acceptance. Indeed, until the majority of the public starts embracing a more open-minded, encompassing, and accepting view of weight, the whole movement behind body positivity remains no more than lip service.

  Timbaland – ~130 pounds lost

Rapper Timbaland was always larger than life both in talent and in body weight. However, fans were very pleased when he showcased a visibly slimmer and healthier figure with an impressive 130 pounds weight drop and a visible athletic build. Most impressively, he did not need a lap band procedure to achieve it. Timbaland achieved his big weight drop just by using a healthy diet and doing exercise.


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