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Human food That Can Be Fatal To Dogs

Given your fondness for your adorable pooch who is no less than a family member, you probably feel like sharing all the delicious food with your dog. Who won’t find it hard to resist those puppy eyes asking for a nibble, after all?

That said, spoiling your mutts like that may not be the best idea as some of these foods are extremely bad for their health, which can even lead to death in extreme cases. Check out a few edibles that should be never fed to your beloved dogs, even if they beg adorably – being a good pet owner sometimes mean saying ‘No’ as well!

Marijuana – Canine Intoxication

Marijuana might be legal in some states now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous for your four-legged best friend. Actually, Cannabis causes poisoning in dogs, and the severity depends on the quantity of the substance consumed by the pooch.

The most frequent way canines get intoxicated by the substance is when they eat edibles that their owners left unattended. So next time you’re eating special brownies, remember to be careful that your dog doesn’t think it’s dog food! It is something simple that can save your beloved dog’s life.

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