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Well Known Celebrities with an Unbelievable Net Worth

We all know that celebrities have bank accounts with balances that us, mere mortals, cannot really fathom. But if you knew exactly how much money some of these stars have squirreled away, you will be gasping for sure. We’ll give you a clue right now—most of them will never ever need credit card loans, mortgages, or business cash advances in their lifetimes. We can only hope, for their sake, that they’ve invested their funds wisely in insurance and sound real estate properties.


Ivanka Trump, Net Worth ~ $375 Million

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have to be one of the wealthiest couples around! While the businesswoman’s net worth has been estimated to be $375 Million, the combined wealth of the pair is said to be $1.1 Billion! That is a lot of money! How does she spend this fortune?

Well, our secret sources tell us that she invests a lot in real-estate. This option seems natural as most people with amassed money invest in property. Yet, considering Ivanka’s impeccable fashion sense, we expect some of that fortune is also spent on branded shoes and clothes!

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