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These Odd Museums from around the World Will Astound You!

Ordinary objects are turned into something extraordinary if placed in a museum, despite their odd or mundane nature and offer a window into history or connect us to the past. They expose our darkest preoccupations, brilliant ideas, and map our unlimited creativity, and these ones on out list… do come across as odd, but in the end, have something to teach us all.

Plastinarium, Guben, Germany

After 39 years of dissection, chemistry, and medicine, Gunther von Hagens honed his plastination skills by using polymers used to preserve animal and human tissue. Visitors receive a history lesson in anatomy, witness the graphic process of plastination and a showroom with humans and animals in creative poses. The Center supplies the displays for traveling Body Worlds exhibitions, and have been the subject of ethical debates on post-mortem body procurements and respectful handling of remains.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Osaka, Japan

After many experiments in his own home’s shed, Momofuku Ando invented in 1958, instant noodles, the Chicken Ramen and everyone in the world rejoiced. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum showcases Japan’s food culture, where visitors can view instant noodles packages from all over the world, taste limited-edition noodles from Hokkaido and Tohoku, Japan, and also design their own soup packaging at the My Cup Noodles Factory.

International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., USA

The largest ever public collection of espionage artifacts, shed light on one of the world’s most secretive professions, at the International Spy Museum at the USA capital. Counterfeit money, disguised weapons, mini-cameras, and cipher machines reveal how human intelligence and spies throughout history have operated. Visitors participate in interactive espionage and spy adventures, pick unique covers, and stories behind the most elusive spies in the world through video interviews and historic photographs.

The Mummy Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico

In a small mining town of Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage site, hundreds of bodies were buried in the crypts of the Santa Paula Pantheon sometime during the middle of the 19th century. If families failed to pay the town burial tax, the bodies were exhumed. Due to the region’s unique climactic factors the bodies were naturally mummified. The ghoulish corpses, including infants, are displayed at the Mummy Museum.

Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico

Constructed in 2009 in the clear azure waters around Cancun, the Museo Subacuático de Arte boasts over 500 life-size sculptures fixed to the sea floor. The oceanic art also acts as a man-made reef, specifically designed to promote coral growth, transforming the aquatic landscape, resulting in a fascinating visual representation of human interaction with the environment. Visitors explore the museum by snorkeling, scuba diving or riding in glass bottom boat.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi, India

Located in India’s busy capital city, the Sulabh International Toilets Museum highlights the history of hygiene and sanitation from 2500 B.C. onwards to modern times. From the gold-plated lavatories of the emperors of Rome to even medieval commodes, this museum charts the evolutionary changes of the humble toilet down the ages. Intricately painted chamber pots are fascinating enough, but the museum hosts a collection of classic toilet poems, as well.

Torture Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Among the very lively bars and hotels in Central Amsterdam, this sinister museum ferries visitors back to the Dark Ages in Europe, when torture and execution were common. The Museum displays over 40 torture instruments from decapitation swords to the spike-covered Inquisition chair, used to interrogate suspected criminals, witches, and political prisoners. The museum educates people about modern torture, still enthusiastically practiced in over hundred countries while pledging support for the UN Convention Against Torture.

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