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Fun and Exciting Things to Do When You’re Bored With Friends

Ever feel that awkward silence creeping in during a hangout with your friends? Been there, done that! We all know the struggle of staring blankly at each other, racking our brains for something, anything, to do. This jam-packed list is brimming with creative things to do when you’re bored with friends guaranteed to vanquish boredom and reignite the fun with your favorite people.

End Boredom with These Creative Things to Do When You’re Bored with Friends

things to do when your bored with friends

Freepik | Turn your brainstorming session into a podcast and share lasting memories.

  • Start a Podcast: Brainstorm content, choose a format, and record together – or in-person – to create lasting memories.
  • DIY Karaoke Night – Pull up instrumental versions of your favorite songs online and sing your hearts out.
  • Take a Mixology Class – Unleash your inner mixologist with a fun class, either or in-person.
  • Explore Museums: Check local listings and discover hidden gems with your friends. Many museums host exciting events like VIP tours or themed nights.
  • Play Bingo – Gather your friends for a night of bingo at a local bar or find a virtual option.
  • Virtual Cooking Class – Bond with friends over a shared love of food with a virtual cooking class exploring international cuisine.
  • Go Thrifting – Hit the local thrift stores with your friends for an affordable adventure.
  • Embark on a Hike – Lace up your boots and explore nearby trails with your friends.
  • Plan a Day Trip – Feeling spontaneous? Plan a day trip to a nearby town or further afield.
  • Create a Collaborative Playlist – Spruce up your playlists by working together with your friends to create a diverse and exciting listening experience.
things to do when your bored with friends

Freepik | cookie_studio  | Break free from the routine with a camping getaway with your besties.

  • Go Camping – Escape the ordinary with a camping trip with your besties! Even a one-night adventure can be a memorable experience. Pack plenty of ingredients for s’mores and get ready for laughs and stories under the stars.
  • Host a Clothing Swap – Raid your friend’s closet! Set rules to borrow, swap, or donate clothes, refreshing your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
  • DIY Photoshoot – Channel your inner photographer with a fun photoshoot using your phones and exploring interesting backdrops.
  • Test Your Knowledge with Trivia – Gather your friends for a trivia night at a local bar, restaurant, or cafe. There are also virtual options or classic board games.
  • Enjoy an Open Mic Night – Experience local talent or showcase your skills at an open mic night.
  • Join an Amateur Sports League – Join a volleyball team or a cornhole league for some weekly fun with friends.
  • Host a Lighthearted Roast – Channel your inner comedian and attempt to joke with each other in a lighthearted roast, like Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast.
  • Explore a Botanical Garden – Immerse yourselves in the beauty of plants at a botanical garden and discover your favorites.
  • Watch a Comedy Show – Laughter is the best medicine! Look for comedy shows happening near you.
things to do when your bored with friends

Freepik | Spice up your day by swapping recipes and cooking each other’s favorite meals for a delightful change of pace.

  • Cook Each Other’s Favorite Meals – Foodies, rejoice! Share recipes or try cooking each other’s favorite meals for a delicious and interesting culinary adventure.
  • Play Musical Chairs – Who says musical chairs are for children? Turn your living room chairs into a grown-up playground for a fun and nostalgic experience.
  • Write a Song Together – Even if you’re not inclined, it can be a fun way to get creative and write a song together.
  • Make a Collaborative Scrapbook – Meet up with your friends and work on a scrapbook for one another, filled with memories and keepsakes.

These are just a few things to do when you’re bored with friends. The possibilities for fun with friends are endless! So ditch the boredom, grab your squad, and get ready to create lasting memories. After all, the best things in life are often the moments shared with loved ones.

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