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Did Tyler Perry Buy BET? The Story Behind the Partnership

Did Tyler Perry buy BET? While the media mogul’s attempt to acquire BET captured headlines in 2023, the story took an unexpected turn. Though Perry wasn’t successful in his bid for ownership, his relationship with BET continues to thrive.

Let’s delve into the details and explore the exciting new chapter unfolding between Perry and BET Media Group.

Perry’s Bid for BET Ownership

Instagram | tylerperry | Tyler Perry eyed a majority stake in BET Media Group from Paramount.

In April 2023, Tyler Perry, a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, expressed interest in acquiring a majority stake in BET Media Group from Paramount. This move wasn’t just about business; it held a deeper significance. BET has long been a platform for Black voices and stories, and Perry, a champion for diverse narratives, envisioned the network returning to Black ownership.

There was a clear alignment between Perry and BET. The network had been the launching pad for many of his successful shows, including fan favorites like “Sistas” and “House of Payne.” Imagine the possibilities of a Black-owned BET, empowered by Perry’s creative vision and dedication to amplifying Black stories.

The Deal Takes a Different Turn

While negotiations were underway, Paramount ultimately decided against selling its majority stake in BET. The media giant concluded that a sale wouldn’t significantly improve their financial standing. This news, announced in August 2023, marked a turning point in the story. Perry, along with other potential buyers, wouldn’t be taking the helm at BET.

While expressing disappointment, particularly concerning the way negotiations unfolded, Perry made it clear he wouldn’t be revisiting the idea of purchasing BET if the opportunity arose again. His focus shifted towards a different kind of collaboration.

Perry Inks New Deal with BET

Instagram | bbcradio2 | Scott Mills, the president and CEO of BET Media Group.

Despite the shift in ownership plans, Perry’s relationship with BET remained strong. Deadline reported that a groundbreaking new deal was struck between Perry and BET Media Group, solidifying their ongoing partnership.

This deal wasn’t just any agreement; it was a landmark moment in the industry. Scott Mills, the president and CEO of BET Media Group, hailed it as “undoubtedly the largest deal ever in the industry with a Black creator.”

What Does the New Deal Mean?

The new deal signifies a continuation of the incredibly successful partnership between Perry and BET. Here’s what this exciting development entails:

  • Fan Favorites Renewed: Fans can rejoice! New seasons of eight of Perry’s beloved BET shows have been greenlit. This includes both cable television staples like “Sistas” and “The Oval” as well as streaming hits on BET+ such as “Tyler Perry’s Zatima” and “Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.”
  • Fresh Stories on the Horizon: Perry’s creative wellspring shows no signs of drying up. The new deal brings with it the highly anticipated crime drama “Tyler Perry’s Route 187,” slated to premiere in 2025.

A Legacy of Storytelling

Instagram | tylerperry | Perry’s talent and BET’s commitment shine for a bright future.

This new chapter between Perry and BET promises to deliver even more captivating stories that resonate deeply with audiences. With Perry’s unmatched talent for creating content that empowers and entertains, and BET’s unwavering commitment to amplifying Black voices, the future looks bright. Amidst discussions surrounding “did Tyler Perry buy BET,” this partnership remains robust, fueled by mutual respect and a shared vision for inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

This powerhouse partnership has already yielded impressive results. Perry’s shows consistently rank at the top among Black viewers, solidifying his position as a content creator with unparalleled influence. As they embark on this new phase, there’s no doubt that Perry and BET will continue to break barriers and redefine Black excellence in entertainment.

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