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How The Royal Wedding is Influencing Shopping Trends

Millions of people stopped whatever they were doing and tuned in to the worldwide coverage of one of the most memorable weddings of the century – the union of Britain’s Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle.  Lucky ones were able to be at the town of Windsor, hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple on their wedding day.  Luckier still were the individuals who were invited by Harry and Meghan to be at the Windsor Castle grounds, on the special day.  As the world watched the royal wedding unfold on their TV screens, they also witnessed the display of fashion trends from several famous wedding guests.  With that kind of viewership, it’s not surprising to find out that shopping trends have been greatly influenced by the royal event.

Givenchy Became Most Searched Brand on eBay

eBay has released a report confirming what many people anticipated – an increase of search traffic for fashion brands that were linked to the wedding.  First on the line, of course, was the fashion house that made Meghan’s wedding gown, Givenchy.  eBay reported that the brand gained the number one spot on their shopping searches.  Even if Meghan’s gown was very simple, it was classy and elegant, and she wore it to perfection.  No surprise that many searched Givenchy dresses, probably among them were future brides hoping to find a wedding dress similar to the new Duchess.

Royal Wedding Guests Also Influenced Shopping Searches

The bride’s gown was not the only dress that influenced shopping searches; even brands worn by famous wedding guests were among those that topped the search charts.  Searches for Vivienne Westwood got a boost, which made Priyanka Chopra’s lavender dress.  The same happened for fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Roksanda, and The Fold.  Alexander McQueen was responsible for Kate Middleton’s three peat coat dress, while Stella McCartney made Amal Clooney’s gorgeous honey yellow dress, as well as the second dress of Meghan for the reception.  Topping the search charts may not be new to the major fashion brands mentioned, but it sure is to smaller brands like Roksanda and The Fold.  The searches for Pippa Middleton’s dress maker The Fold saw a shocking 700% increase.  The same goes for Roksanda, which was behind the look of Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Beatrice.  The fashion brand witnessed a whopping 500% increase on searches for their label.

Aside from fashion brands, items related to the royal wedding also saw a high increase in searches for them.  Searches for yellow dresses spiked up, as well as searches for blush pink dresses like the ones worn by Oprah and Serena Williams.  Many also searched dresses with polka dot prints, which can be attributed to the chic and trendy number worn by actress Abigail Spencer, Meghan’s good friend and Suits co-star.  There was also a 72% boost on searches for tiaras, brides probably wanted to wear their veils with a tiara that closely matched Meghan’s.

Royal Wedding Gift Bags

One of the things we love about the royal wedding is the move the couple made of inviting common folks to their special day.  Thousands were invited, and one of the perks they enjoyed aside from seeing the couple and the royal family up close are the gift bags given to them on the wedding day.  The gift bags, which were monogrammed with the couple initials ‘H & M’, contained personalized items with the couples initials as well.  Inside the gift bags were a water bottle, a magnet, a tub of shortbread, a Windsor Castle gift shop discount coupon, an order of service booklet, a gold wrapped chocolate coin, a cold mineral water, and more commemorative items from the royal wedding.  It can be said that the items and the monogrammed gift back itself are priceless – a token from one of the famous weddings that ever happened.  But that’s not the case with some of the royal wedding invited guests – some put up their gift bags up for sale online!  One eBay user posted the gift bag for sale with the tag price of $2,762, while another put up his or her gift bag for auction, and the item received several bids raising the item’s price to $13,552.

The royal wedding surely made a big impact on people around the world, and it still is expected to influence coming shopping trends, even future weddings to come.

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