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This is How Amber Heard is Earning And Spending Her Fortune

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of mentally and physically abusing her for a few years. Terrible, if true. And now Depp is accusing her of lying. While others accuse her of blackmailing Johnny, trying to get more money and property. Dishonorable, if true. However, only a judge can really decide on the outcome. Amber wants Johnny to pay for spousal support and the legal fees as Johnny makes millions every year, ever since they legally for married on February 13, 2015.  Reviewing Amber’s monthly expenses and income from court documents, is revealing if instructive. Plebes often wonder how celebrities are able to afford lavish lifestyles on ephemeral income streams!

Being Famous Costs a Lot

It costs an arm and a leg to always look like a million bucks in public. While we wear the same t-shirt and jeans daily without bothering anybody, celebrities need new dresses every time they venture forth and spend money on nutritionists, stylists, and personal trainers. When their acting careers are done and dusted with, financial ruin follows if they have not consistently saved and invested.

Amber Heard’s Income:

About $10,000 every month on an average is the base salary of a typical 29 year old MBA graduate from the best schools. At 30, Amber’ salary puts her in the top-20% of income earners in America.


Rent: $10,000 per month as rent might seem excessive many pay such huge prices as it is expensive living in metropolitan cities. She could pay $6,000 a month for a decent place. High rents should force you to own your residence as inflation is a definite killer.

Healthcare: At $3,000 every month, Amber might have some serious chronic illness with expensive medicines and recurrent doctor visits. Even after Affordable Care Act was passed, the 30 year old lady has to pay $36,000 per year for health care costs.

Household supplies and Groceries: $68 a day seems rather reasonable with that $10,000 a month residence to maintain. Maybe she buys premium organic produce to eat better and stay healthy.

Clothing: Nice shoes, clothes and bags are expensive and it must be awkward for a big celebrity to be seen dressed the same outfit more than once.

Vacations, Entertainment and Gifts: $10,000 per month is exorbitant and seems like Amber has been taking some very expensive vacations…

Miscellaneous: Attorneys, agents and publicists can eat into one’s finances very quickly, and she must find ways to reduce this $10,000 to $20,000 monthly cost.

Financial Take-aways

1) Be careful who is around you. Everybody hanging out with the rich and famous people are pressurized to spend extra money and very hard to determine your financial means and stick within it if you hang out with people who spend more than you and make you feel or look cheap. To feel and look your best, simply stay healthy and fit to boost your self-esteem.

2) Financially independent needs to become a mind-set. Amber believed in spending four times her gross income with Depp to support her. Constantly build individual skills and wealth, as securing a well remunerating job if away from the workforce for about 10 years, is impossible.

3) Get professional help before it gets too late. A financial disaster is prevented if advice is sought from experts. Professional financial advice is essential if large sums of money are involved.

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