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This is Why a Celeb Diet May Not be Working for You

If intrigued and terrified by what celebrities say they eat everyday, take it with a pinch of salt! Meghan Markle starts her day with a tall glass of green smoothie, avoids dairy and sugar, sticks to vegan food, and tops her diet off with a tiny sliver of 70% cacao dark chocolate. Experts confirm that you will not become a Duchess by just eating like her and whether trying to lose extra pounds or have glowing skin, copying an A-lister’s dietary habits, is never a good idea.

It Might Be Something Obnoxious

Kim Kardashian West’s Flat Tummy endorsement posts may inspire you to purchase meal replacement shakes or weight loss teas, but who knows if her body is actually built on appetite-killing lollies or protein powder! The diet products that celebs plug are not regulated or declared safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and their ingredient lists and health claims may not be legitimate.

Everyone has a different metabolism rate

A person’s resting metabolic rate depends on many variables such as weight, genes, height and activity levels, and your system’s needs are different. Your intake of micronutrients and calories from fat, protein and carbs vary from the celeb you wish to emulate. A weight-loss diet is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Following someone else’s diet is like wearing their glasses… the chances of seeing clearly using their prescription lens, are very low.

One-diet-fits-all policy does not work


If you are twice as energetic as your favorite influencer that you follow and eat only what she eats, you could feel more hungry and tired, as your body requires much more fuel to operate. A diet based on specific energy requirements may need more food intake, so you can be hunger-free and lively.

You might spend much money

Celebrities have resources, which average people do not have such as flexible work schedules, hired help and a lot of money, which makes meal planning and preparation, easily possible. A meal plan taking hours to assemble, having meals more frequently, incorporating costly ingredients, is doomed to fail.

Starting from scratch sucks

Deviating from natural tendencies hurt, the more the deviation the worse it will be for you. A celeb’s diet may not work and finding a plan without a complete diet overhaul, makes sense. Also tiny swaps, like munching on an apple and not chips, is a great way to reduce gradual weight gain and when applied to the masses, can significantly reduce changes of any heart diseases and stroke-related deaths.

They rarely reveal the whole picture

Influencers and actors following extreme diets to fit into sample sized clothes at red carpet events or to play a character on screen, may even adopt certain non-food related actions to achieve their goals and getting the whole, real picture from their sound-bites is difficult. Actors may resort to extreme measures to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks, just for a role. The average person with similar diets will not necessarily achieve similar results and it will not be sustainable, to say the least.

It could be very dangerous

Always consult your own doctor before changing diets. Some eating plans may worsen existing health conditions you may be having. Even without specific health issues, celebrity diets fail to deliver the nutrients and calories actually needed.

A celeb eating more veggies, less-processed foodstuff, and watching their portions, makes sense, but copying diets may not be ideal. Use recipes to plan your diet, get inspired and innovate, say experts. Use plenty of common sense and sound medical advice from a professional to construct a sensible diet.

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