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Common Parenting Errors Made by Even the Best Mothers and Fathers

Parents of children make a number of promises to themselves even before the birth of their children only to break them in a jiffy. Let’s admit it, there are no manuals for parents to provide them with guidance about parenting. It may be safe to assume that they are not always perfect and sometimes spend sleepless nights wondering about their biggest blunders while trying to understand how they could have done things differently to raise happy, social and constructive children.

Fortunately, this is a common problem within the department of parenting and it happens with the best among us. Continue reading to view some of the most familiar parenting errors made by fathers and mothers.

Losing Their Composure Frequently

Raising children is not an easy task and it comes as no surprise that parents lose their composure and patience with their children frequently. Consider these factors: they are usually running around at work or home, often after sleepless nights, because they have the purpose of allowing another little human(s) to thrive and live. It can put plenty of pressure on them. Parents are not expected to snap at their children in public or even raise their voice but obviously, it’s a part of life. Making an attempt to keep such moments of losing composure should be minimized without sweating about, it if a rare bad word slips out occasionally. We are all human, after all.

Breaking Away From The Regular Bedtime Routine

It may seem like a perfect world when children head to bed at around 8 every evening but the case is not applicable to all parents. Despite the importance of children learning the habit of getting the desired amount of sleep at an early age, letting them stay awake past their regular bedtime will not harm them either. Sometimes spending time with the children and making memories will become more important than maintaining a strict routine. The weekends are perfect for this kind of rule breaking!

Giving the Children The Freedom To Leave the House Without The Things They Need

Carting around a huge load of children’s material can be a pain in the neck especially if it’s a regular habit. Waiting until they get older and begin to track their belongings may seem like a hassle. Parents have a busy schedule and it can be easier on them if they didn’t have a long list of items to keep a watch on. They may be surprised to receive a phone call from their children, begging them to bring the school assignment that was left behind on their desk. They may have made a mistake, but quite frankly it can happen to everyone. It comes important for us to teach kids to be responsible for the things they need and use. They may forget it the first time, maybe even the second, but by the third time they would remember what they need to carry with them.

Putting the Children to Bed Before Completing Bedtime Chores

Children do not like to be reminded about dental care which they consider to be a big deal but it should be a priority for children to brush their teeth regularly before going to bed and also visit the dentist’s office on schedule. We are not underplaying its importance but it is possible that children may get into bed before parents reach them with their toothbrush. Should this habit be encouraged? Certainly not but it’s impossible to win on every occasion, isn’t it? Parents, don’t be so hard on yourselves for missing this task a few times, we know you have a LOT going on.

Living vicariously through their offspring

One of the most endearing moments of parenthood is having a little kid who wants to be just like their parents after growing up. It may be difficult to admit but we would be fooling ourselves if we mentioned we didn’t want our children to be the best in a chosen field of sports, for instance, because it’s just natural. Sometimes parents take the concept of fulfilling their children’s dreams a bit too far and strongly encourage them to succeed in their chosen areas (a la pageant moms). It may seem like a magical phenomenon, but it is essential for parents to allow their kids to explore their passions.

Discipline Is Essential And Should Be Followed up Regularly

Disciplining children is a requirement especially when they act up which could be in the form of no TV after dinner or other such variants of little ‘punishments’. Parents begin with the intention of enforcing the new disciplinary actions which require them to expend plenty of energy. Letting the children get away with bad behavior and compromising on their discipline is a definite no-no, even if their parents have busy schedules. Apart from punishments, it is very necessary to reward children for a good deed or practice, or even an improvement from bad behaviour, which would reinforce the younglings to be ‘good’. Also, as parents we must not abuse this power and bribe children to do what we want them to do.

Making Desperate Attempts To Fix Children’s Problems

Watching your children slip once or multiple times can be a challenge for most parents. Rushing to their cribs when they stir or tumble in the park to help them is quite common. However, the challenges increase as the children get older and on occasions, parents need to let them make mistakes because it helps them to grow into balanced adults who learn from their falls and mistakes. It may be the worst feeling in the world but it is absolutely necessary.

These parenting errors can be made even by the best fathers and mothers and are quite common and therefore breaking a sweat over these issues will just aggravate the matters rather than improve them. As parents, one can only relax, take a step back and try their best.

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