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Estrela de Fura: Largest Ruby Auctioned for $34.8 Million

In a stunning turn of events, a historic auction at Sotheby’s in New York has shattered records as the largest ruby ever to grace the auction block was sold for an astounding $34.8 million (£28 million). This extraordinary gem, weighing an impressive 55.22 carats, has been hailed as a “once-in-a-lifetime” treasure by the renowned auction house.

Unearthing a Precious Rarity

Emerging from the depths of a Mozambican mine, this remarkable ruby originally began its journey as a rough stone weighing an astonishing 101 carats.

The gem’s discovery occurred just last year in the ruby-rich northern regions of Mozambique, where the earth’s treasures have long been hidden. This discovery occurred in the “Estrela de Fura” mine, meaning “Star of Fura” in Portuguese, from which the gem draws its poetic name.

BBC | The original rough stone weighed a staggering 101 carats when it was found last year in a mine in Mozambique

Polished Perfection

It’s a well-known fact that rubies of substantial size are a true rarity in the world of gemstones. Polished rubies exceeding five carats are a sight to behold. This 55.22-carat wonder stands as a gem and a testament to nature’s marvels and the craftsmanship that brings out their innate beauty.

Enchantment in Stone

Quig Bruning, the head of Sotheby’s Jewelry division in New York, couldn’t help but share his captivation upon encountering this awe-inspiring stone.

Bruning’s initial encounter with the gem left him spellbound. “With its unprecedented size, piercing color, and a rare degree of optical transparency and clarity, it truly deserved the record-breaking price today, as it now joins the ranks of the world’s most legendary gemstones,” he explained. The gem’s allure, composed of size, color, and clarity, ultimately propelled it into the annals of history as a symbol of unrivaled beauty.

REUTERS/ Lam Yik/ TPX | In a world where luxury is defined by rarity and brilliance, the Estrela de Fura reigns supreme

Jewel Amidst Turmoil

The very place where this extraordinary gem was discovered holds a contrasting tale of its own. Fura’s Mozambique ruby mine is nestled in the Montepeuz district within the province of Cabo Delgado, an area marked by its untapped mineral resources and a turbulent past.

Cabo Delgado, among the most impoverished regions in Mozambique, has been in the throes of an Islamist militant insurgency since 2017. This insurgency, rooted in frustration over scarce local job opportunities, has added a layer of complexity to the region’s narrative.

A Struggle for Balance

Militant violence has ravaged this province, overshadowing its potential mineral wealth. The Sadc regional bloc responded to the crisis by deploying troops in 2021 to confront the jihadist threat.

AFP File | The journey of the Estrela de Fura transcends geographical boundaries

The insurgents, known for their brutal tactics, had gained control over key towns in the province. With the support of the regional force, the Mozambican army managed to reclaim control, reducing violence. However, remnants of the militant presence persist at a subdued level.

Investing in the Future

In a move that transcends the realm of gemstone commerce, Sotheby’s has announced that Fura will designate some of the proceeds from the Estrela de Fura’s sale to establish an academy.

This institution will provide vital technical training in mining, engineering, carpentry, and agriculture. As the gem continues to captivate hearts and minds, it also catalyzes empowerment and progress within Mozambique’s resource-rich yet troubled regions.

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