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Not a Morning Person? Maybe You Should Consider Eating Something Else for Breakfast

Love them or hate them, mornings cannot be avoided. If you wake up naturally by 6 a.m., you have to tell us how you do it! Or may be you’re like us and barely have any time to do your hair as you rush to work.

No matter which of the two categories you are, there’s a breakfast only for you. The problem is to find out where to start. That’s why we bring to you, the best kinds of breakfast for whatever type of morning person you are. Eager to have the ‘best-est’morning ever? Let’s find out how!

1. The Early-Riser and Exerciser

You jump from your bed and exercise immediately, so that’s why you need some breakfast that helps you recover from your work-out and fuel up for the entire day. Some good old oatmeal is a healthy, nourishing option, but not when starving after a long workout as you won’t wait around for it to slow cook. That’s where a sweet Oat Bowl chips in as the immune-boosting breakfast comes in handy as it is ready in minutes, and can be loaded with vegetables and fruits. Cloves and cinnamon can be added to cut out sugar, almond butter would enhance the protein content, and the ubiquitous cauliflower renders it very nutritious and light.

2. The Mantra Connoisseur

You love how it all looks in the early hours, but at a leisurely pace, beginning the day with meditation and possibly, a light yoga workout. So why speed up your breakfast? Our favorite leisurely before-noon meal just happens to be a frittata. There are many four-ingredient recipes, which are easy to make, but you feel like treating yourself to a relaxing brunch. Just pop the frittata into the oven as you emerge from your morning mantras, and serve yourself a big slice, and one portion of fruit.

3. The Always Late Commuter

Making it to work on time, let alone having breakfast when you are running 45 minutes behind, is difficult. Without eating, you will end up hungry and irritable by 10 a.m. Smoothies are your best friend because they are easy to drink while commuting, as they are portable. To add a little extra pep, try a Greens Smoothie with ginger added to it. Just blend some avocado, apple cider vinegar, ginger and spinach to boost your energy, it also fights inflammation, and keeps you full. You could also have the smoothies delivered to your doorstep, so they are ready for you when you wake up late for work.

4. The Night Owlet

You planned to hit the bed last night, before midnight. You seriously tried! But despite your diligence, your brain refuses to go on snooze mode at some decent hour and unavoidably you’re up the next day feeling that you just went to sleep 5 minutes ago. In this case, add a caffeine kick when having your breakfast. Prepare some coffee banana bread on Sundays (or late at night if you can’t sleep), and it is ready to slice by morning, whenever you want it. The bread is sweet because of a bit of brown sugar and a healthy option, topped with whatever spices and nuts your heart desires.

5. The Party Animal

So the previous night’s group get-together was a just the best. Now, with a hangover and a throbbing headache, you must get ready for the day? While greasy food is tempting, grabbing some fast-food for breakfast would make you feel sorry and more sluggish. If you need a sandwich, go for the homemade variety. A rice bowl would also be welcome.

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