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The Consequences Of Immigrants Leaving America Would Be Disastrous

The United States of America has a problem dealing with undocumented immigrants entering its borders. Many Americans had accepted the campaign promise by President Trump which proposed building a wall between America and Mexico with the belief that it would solve the issue. The campaign promise just spoke about the wall without telling Americans what the consequences will be if all immigrants (legal and illegal) were forced to leave the country.

America has significant reasons for controlling the immigration rates which are spiraling. It needs to have a balanced approach with answers that are simple and easy. However, the administration is going to face a problem especially with members of the population that voted for the removal of illegal immigrants. We have enumerated below, a few problems related to the consequences of removal of these immigrants from USA.

Billions of Dollars In Expenditure

We are only considering the costs of collecting the illegal immigrants and moving them out of the country without taking into account the expenses of securing the borders to ensure they do not return. The cost of collecting and removing illegal immigrants is expected to be sky high. Estimates provided earlier put the figure of accomplishing this task at $114 billion over a period of 20 years. This clearly indicates that the cost of managing the removal of illegal immigrants is going to cost billions of dollars.

The United States is already facing a debt problem which exceeds $1 trillion. The additional costs would only enhance the burgeoning debt by around $400 billion-$600 billion. The entire process would result in years of economic disruption even if things worked out smoothly.

White-Collar Jobs Will Be Left Vacant

ConsequencesAmericans have reasons to be happy because they would have more career opportunities. It is widely believed that immigrants are usually working as unskilled labor. However, a number of them have bucked the trend and are employed in white-collar jobs. Over 20% of illegal immigrants are employed as professionals in business administration, sales, management, and other jobs which cannot be considered as manual labor. 20% of illegal immigrants may not sound like a large figure but it certainly has the potential to create a vacuum which will be felt by the organizations from where the vacancies will be created. The vacancies may indicate more opportunities for Americans but the vacuum created will need some time before it is filled. Organizations are going to feel the impact of the loss of qualified personnel and may have to invest more to rise up to their regular standards.

Drop In The Value of The Real Estate

ConsequencesWith a number of illegal immigrants having employment which paid well, they were living in fairly affluent areas. It is estimated that nearly 35% of illegal immigrants are homeowners in the United States. They were able to purchase homes because mortgages were made available to them via the ITI N loans. If these immigrants are removed from the country approximately 3 million homes will be left unoccupied. The high number of abandoned homes will hit the real estate market to lower the prices of properties. Banks will find it highly expensive to maintain the homes especially because they wouldn’t have any opportunity to recover the money they advanced for the purchase of the property. It could also encourage crime rates, create sanitation problems and allow wild animals to infest the properties. The financial problems faced by America will ensure that the demand for homes in high growth areas will be reduced to leave the country with another problem.

Farm Businesses And The Construction Industry Would Be Devastated

Farmers and the construction industry will face problems because of lack of labor. They will need to spend more money on the training and other qualities that are essential to managing these jobs. This is a clear indicator that the construction industry along with farmers will have to seek out additional financing for the education needed by the personnel they hire. It will also be a hit on their bottom line while leaving them with debts they had never bargained for.

Wages For Unskilled Labor Will Increase

This is perhaps the best argument for removing all illegal immigrants from America. The lack of personnel will ensure that local employers pay higher wages to their employees resulting in happier Americans. The employers, however, will not be sharing similar feelings because it would mean higher costs for them because of the additional expenditure.

The consequences of removing all illegal immigrants from America will have financial repercussions not just on the country but also on the people that are left behind. The administration is already asking for additional funding for the wall to be provided by the Senate. Others too will need to find sources for the additional expenditure which they will be forced to indulge in. Did the politicians consider these issues when making the promises of removing all illegal immigrants that are presently residing in the country? They may not have considered the countrywide consequences which would be left behind and affect not just administration but also the businesses that will be left with no options but to borrow money for an expenditure which they cannot do without.

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