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These Celeb had Secret Children and Some Didn’t Even Know until Much Later! – Part I

For every individual when informed about the impending arrival of a child, it is a moment of extreme bliss and joy.  But for some celebrities with secret babies, the news of their parenthood caused a sweep-it-away response rather than a clarion-call for unabated celebrations. Some famous people with secret kids are from all walks of life, from politicians, rappers, A-list movie stars, singers, alike. A secretive and diverse group, they all have hidden the news about the birth of their child, at least at first and sometimes for decades (e.g Arnold Schwarzenegger), and at times it took legal battles (some still ongoing) and even DNA tests for these sainted souls to embrace their parenthood.  Who are these secretive celebrities with hidden babies? Who are their partners-in-crime and how are the children coping up? Here are the gory details…




It is a well-documented fact that the Two Weeks Notice actor Hugh Grant is a ladies’ man. What is very surprising is that to spawn children, given the length of his conquest list, it took him 53 years! Old-timers say that when it rains, it actually pours. Within a span of 15 months, Grant is now reported to be the father of three children from two different women. In September 2011, a receptionist from London named Tinglan Hong delivered Grant’s child, Tabitha while in September 2012, a Swedish TV producer by the name of Anna Eberstein, delivered Grant’s son, named John. Just 3 months later, Grant’s rumored fleeting affair appeared to have not-so-fleeting implications as Hong gave birth to a second child with Grant. The rather fertile superstar now has a brood of five kids!





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