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These Celebrities Became Famous In Weird Ways

We are regularly fed with the anecdote that people attain fame and fortune by intensely pursuing the destiny of their dreams. While this may be true in a major portion of the cases the world of celebrities is different. It is full of some amazing people (as well as a few oddballs) and therefore in some way it makes sense that some of the people who go far away in their chosen fields don’t get there in the anticipated fashion. Let us look at some celebrities who became famous in a weird way.

Vin Diesel

Bob Hoskins

Whether you recognize Hoskins best for his portrayal in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or some colorful backing roles in many movies like Hook and Enemy At the Gates, even by the standards of artists who manage to make it big, it was just because of a turn of off events that his career even began.

In the latter half of the 60s, Hoskins was working at his father’s business as an assistant accountant but wanted to be an actor. For quite some time the only role he could manage was in a performance in Romeo and Juliet, where he couldn’t make any enough of an impression to be spoken about in any reviews.

It was in 1969 that he attended an audition and also to have a drink with his friend Robert Frost. Hoskins only intended to have some drinks but after a few, Frost was away and the casting director for The Feather Pluckers confused Hoskins for his friend and invited him to come onto the stage. The drinks had loosened Hoskin’s nerves and also taken away any inhibitions and therefore he was able to give a natural audition which was intense and led to his selection for the role that would be the launching pad for his career in theater. Frost wasn’t completely beaten by the event because he got an opportunity to be his friend’s substitute.

Edward Furlong

Unlike Bob Hoskins who lucked out at the start of his career when he was actively looking forward to a profession in films, things were quite different for Edward Furlong, who wasn’t even interested. Furlong was just hanging around a youth center in Pasadena California in 1989 when he came across Mali Finn, who was casting for the sequel of the Terminator movie, which would become the movie with the highest budget of all time.

You may believe that she would have stacks of applications from other actors back at her office but she had other things on her mind and decided to do some free-range casting. She offered the job to Furlong because she liked his looks. His performance as John Connor is considered as one of the weaker points of the movie but people who watched his later portrayals in movies like Pecker, as well as American History X, understand that Furlong wasn’t simply content to rely on his looks. On her part, Finn continued with such casting opportunities and selected Leonardo DiCaprio for Titanic and also casting for The Matrix and LA Confidential.

It may seem funny and even a quirk of fate but these individuals made it to the right place, at the right time and met with the right people. And look where it got them!

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