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Social Media Influencers: How Social Media Can Help You Earn

Majorities of the tech savvy people from the 21st century are well acquainted with how social media is a platform to meet new folks, get their opinions across and connect/keep in touch with with old friends. We use it as a pastime, as it’s very entertaining.  But there lies an important use of social mediums, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, that are not known to everyone – making money.

If you know your way around social media and are interested in entrepreneurship, you only need a bit of talent and a whole lot of patience to turn a pastime into a business venture. We are here to tell you of the ways by which you can make yourself some money. Take note!

Photography and Video-making

We live in a visual age, which not only satisfies our senses but will also help you make money. Initially, there is hardly any revenue to be made by generating video content and photographs, but eventually you will. YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites have a wealth of content made by first timers, for things such as travel, content reviewing, tutorials, fashion and making people laugh. Just start an account, monetize it and let your creativity show through your videos.

For those inclined towards photography, sites such as Instagram, Shutterstock and Flickr are your friends. Just put up your best snaps and start charging those people who use your images.

Copywriting And Editing

If your forté lies in creative writing or if you have an eye for details and spotting errors in other people’s content, then consider using social media when promoting your skills, as content writers on Twitter and Facebook are always in need of copywriters and editors. If you can cook up funny content under 140 words, you got yourself a lucrative job!

Become An Affiliate

Websites such as Amazon and ClickBank have an affiliate program through which they are on a look out for people who would promote various items and products of their choice and would stand to earn a commission every time a product is sold through their referral. It works best for people who have already established a name for themselves and have a lot of followers. Other than that, you may also manage the social media promotions for smaller private companies.

Now that you now what you can do to become a social media influencer and earn some money, you can draw inspiration from these guys, whose name you know only thanks to their social media accounts.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, was a Swedish video-maker who went on to reinvent himself as PewDiePie when he started his own YouTube channel and regaled everyone with his humorous video game reviews.

Kjellberg started out as a university-dropout who worked a hotdog stand to save up for his own startup channel, with a few subscribers. Today, he has the top-most subscribed channel with his videos clocking 10 billion views and more.

Amalia Ulman

Amalia is an Argentinean-born Instagrammer, who became famous for a very unique reason. She studied the prevailing trends, hashtags and selfies on Instagram, exclusively of celebs only. And Ms. Ulman went on to recreate these images, which delighted her 65,000 followers.

Nash Grier

Nash is best known for his 6-second Vine videos, which have us laughing for hours. He has a million followers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and is quite popular with teenagers and young adults alike. He is said to earn anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 for a single video he uploads!

Alex Lee

Alex Lee is the perfect example of lady luck smiling down upon you, in the most unexpected of ways. He worked at a Target store and was photographed by a shopper who posted the image on Twitter with an ‘Alex From Target” hashtag. After being ‘discovered’, he was even invited on The Ellen Show and has a lot of offers for starring in music videos and movies.

Kyle Ayers

Ayers proves to us all that when you have the talent to make someone laugh, you only need a chance encounter and a social media account to become famous. He happened to bear witness to a couple who were breaking up right then on a rooftop and he whipped out his smartphone to live-tweet the incident as it happened, under the hashtag ‘rooftop’. Next thing you know, his followers went from 3,800 before the live-tweeting to 30,000 in just 5 days.

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