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Success Stories of Millionaires. Are You Ready to Become One?

Successful people aren’t always born with a silver spoon. Most of the famous people come from poor families and make efforts to reach the path to success. We present to you the success story of Michael Dell and Jennifer Lopez, who did just that.

Michael Dell

Michael Dell was born on February 23, 1965 in Houston, Texas. He is an American businessman, founder, and owner of Dell Computer Corporation. He was raised in a family that had a fairly well financial situation. His father worked as an orthodontist and his mother was a broker. His parents were hoping their son would choose one of those professions but instead of choosing his parents’ career paths, Michael gave preference to a career as an entrepreneur.

When Michael was 12 years old, he successfully realized his first project in business. Having a passion for old brands and earning money for their purchase as a peddler of water in a Chinese restaurant, Michael saw in trademarks an excellent commercial benefit for himself and organized his own personal stamp auction. He persuaded several people in the city to trust him their marks, posted an advertisement for “Mark Della” in the Linn’s Stamp Journal, then printed a 12-page catalog and sent it out. He was able to earn 2000 dollars this way.

When Michael was in high school, he decided to earn money by selling a subscription to the Houston Post city newspaper.

By that time he had already clearly outlined his life’s mantra: “It’s not so important what you sell, but how you do it”.

He no longer walked from one door to another and  thought that the newlyweds would be the ideal object for applying his direct marketing techniques. With the money he had, he hired comrades who knew and were able to provide him with the names and addresses of newly married couples. Michael put their data on his computer and sent each pair a personalized letter offering them as a wedding gift a free subscription to the publication for a period of two weeks. This time, Dell managed to earn $ 18,000 and he bought himself a BMW.

Soon, Michael began to independently re-equip computers. And he did this both for himself and for his clients, thus improving their productivity. Then the personal computer was rapidly entering fashion. Students were eager to join the world of technology, but dealers charged astronomical sums for a unit. Dell began making purchases from IBM’s dealers surplus from the warehouses and in his dorm room, he carried out modifications of already made machines. To do this, he supplemented them with additionally purchased components or, conversely, removed something. After that, Michael placed his advertising in the print media, where he offered his “optimized” computers.

The cost of these computers were 15 percent lower than the ones in retail stores. Soon he successfully sold computers to entrepreneurs, doctors, and legal companies. Thus, Michael became the founder of the company PC’s Limited, for the implementation of optimized computers. The company soon began to turn in good profit, so at the age of 19, Dell dropped out of university and began spending all his time doing business. In 1987, the company was renamed to Dell Computer Corporation and by 2004, the company’s sales level was more than $49 billion with profits of about $3 billion. In 2003, the company changed its name to Dell, Inc., as by that time the range of its products was significantly expanded beyond just computers.

In 2005, Forbes magazine published the list of the world’s 400 richest people, Dell was in the 4th position among the U.S. entrepreneurs and on the 18th – in the whole world. His fortune was estimated about $18 billion. He presently resides in Malibu, California and his house is on the 15th place in the list of the largest houses in the world. Its value is estimated to be around $18.7 million.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, born on July 24, 1969, is a beloved singer and actress. She is not only creative and talented but she is also a great fashion designer and producer. Moreover, she decided to venture out into the business sphere with her perfume “Glow by J.Lo”, which is furiously popular all over the world.

Jennifer grew up in the Bronx, in a poor neighborhood in New York, she attended Catholic school and was also fond of choreography and singing. When Jennifer graduated from college, she got a job at a law firm. At the same time, she did not give up on the dream of succeeding in the song and dance field, so she performed in nightclubs. Success came by itself – and she got into the dancers group for New Kids on the Block. Then she became a member of the dance teams of Marc Anthony and Janet Jackson. 

She gradually starting appearing with small roles in the television series and has since acted in major standalone roles in blockbusters. Recently, Jennifer focuses on the development of her own business, which has different directions: she has her own clothing line, has consolidated her position in the perfume market, and has a Cuban restaurant in Pasadena.

It is worth mentioning that this millionaire is a caring mother for their baby twins.

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