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Organic Shampoo is the Better Choice for Hair Care

The popularity of using organic shampoo is on the rise. Organic shampoo can help revive limp, dry, lifeless hair from the effects of harsh chemicals that are prevalent in traditional store-bought shampoos. Because they’re easier to buy, the latter, cheaper shampoo brands may be convenient, but they may not be good for you and your health as the types of harmful chemicals used in their formulation can lead to the development of cancer and other illnesses.

For instance, did you know that improper eye development in children, as well as cataracts in adults, are caused by Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a common ingredient in many commercial shampoos? This is just one of the many reasons why people are searching for healthier, organic shampoos and all-natural alternatives to the drugstore brands we often purchase. Luckily, organic shampoos and conditioners can easily be found online today, and they are worth buying, even if they are just a little bit more expensive than the popular brands.

Here is a list of some of the other bad ingredients you should try to avoid when selecting shampoos and conditioners as they can irritate oil glands, corrode hair follicles, and dry out the scalp and hair:
• Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
• Lauryl Alcohol
• Mureth Sulfate
• Olefin Sulfonate
• Propylene Glycol
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

Ironically, Propylene Glycol is used in antifreeze while Olefin Sulfonate is just deodorized kerosene. Imagine that in your hair and on your scalp!

Why go organic?

Organic shampoo formulas are all-natural, so you will not breathe in dangerous chemical vapors while showering or bathing. Because it’s highly concentrated, organic shampoo is also more economical because it only takes a tiny amount to do the job.

Look out for healthy natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil (also known as olea europaea), apricot kernel (or prunus armeniaca), avocado oil (known as persea Americana), palm fruit (or elaeis oleifera), jojoba oil, simmondsia chinensis, and sweet almond oil (also known as prunus amygdalus dulcis).

There are also some ingredients that are in organic shampoo that will stimulate healthy hair growth. Look for shampoos made with coconut oil or aloe vera because they naturally moisturize the scalp. If you want lots of shine and moisture in your hair, organic shea butter is a key ingredient.

Also remember to look for brands with the safest packaging, such as EA-BPA free with no (EA) estrogenic activity and leach-free so that the product remains free of phthalates and other second-hand synthetic chemicals. Lastly, look for packaging and containers that are fully recyclable.

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