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Signs of Online-Shopaholism. How to Get Rid of Shopaholism

Measure is pleasure, otherwise, it is bad. Even profitable and the must online shopping can become an addiction that will affect a person’s life. Many are familiar with the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, in which a young girl spends the last money to buy “necessary” and “very necessary” things. In ordinary stores the buyer is affected by all the methods of marketing invented to date, ranging from smell, music and ending with polite sales consultants. How to understand that you became an online shopaholic and how to get rid of the problem of shopaholism?

If you are surprised at the receipt of your order and think how you could buy such a product, then beware, this can already serve as an excuse for analyzing your expenditures on the Internet. When buying goods in your home country, you have time for reflection and the opportunity to painlessly “abandon” the goods. In addition, you have a two-week period for returning the goods. To return goods purchased online might be more difficult and more expensive. Moreover, by the time you receive the order the return time is expired. In this kind of cases, shopaholism can be quite expensive.

Answer “yes” or “no” to the below questions to understand whether you suffer from a disease of shopaholism or no.

– Did you ever receive a parcel and realized that you did not need the ordered goods?

– Have you ever exceeded the credit card limit for making purchases online?

– Do you often make unplanned purchases online?

– Are you subscribed to 5 or more mailings of online stores?

– Do you browse online stores at least several times a week?

– Do you feel the need to buy something on the Internet, does not really matter what, and then discuss with another person?

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more questions, then, most likely, you need treatment from shopaholism. There is nothing wrong with loving profitable purchases. The main thing is that you make them consciously, not under the influence of dependence and other factors, which we will discuss below.

Online stores use powerful marketing strategies to attract customers

Buying on the Internet, you fall under the influence of marketing technologies, which also strongly influence the decision to purchase, as in ordinary stores. The only difference is that everything happens in the virtual world. Beautiful photos can be beneficial to imagine any ordinary goods in a new light. Correctly selected background, product descriptions, font size, pop-ups and other techniques increase the profit of the online store. The store’s advertising can pop up a long time after you leave it. On the one hand, when shopping online, you are in a convenient environment for yourself, which sometimes can mean that you are more prone to unreasonable purchases. Overseas shopping often presents ill-considered purchases due to the difficulties with a foreign language that arise in the vast majority of shoppers.

How to Recover from Shopaholism

It is easier to fight the enemy if you know its weak points. Learn general information about the various dependencies and ways to deal with them, because shopaholism has many similarities with other dependencies.

– Plan your purchases.

– Record expenses.

– Gain some knowledge in the language that is used on the sites of your online shopping. Or at least use google translate.

– If you do not know if it’s worth buying a certain product or not, then simply refuse to buy it.

– Do not make quick purchases. After your virtual shopping cart is collected, take a break for a while, and then re-evaluate your choice, try to use the method of exclusion and see what items are less needed or desired and thus can be removed.

– Admit to yourself that discounts are often nothing more than an advertising technique. Learn to see really profitable offers.

– Encourage yourself for a sensible shopping when you feel like getting rid of the habit of rash shopping. Even the most severe diet can be broken once a month.

Acting on the plan and buying the right things, you will notice how this can affect your budget for the better, which will be the strongest incentive to continue to consciously treat online expenditures. Shopping is always a pleasure, so it is worthwhile to do it so that when you receive an overseas parcel you will experience the joy of successful shopping.

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