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Summer Must-haves every Beach Bums Should Have

Summer is the best way to get those tans on and laze in some ‘vitamin sea’. Spending time on the beach, strolling around, and visiting loved ones is way more fun when the sun is out. It’s always summer somewhere in the world which is why having the right gear for it won’t be a waste of money.

So pack these things up the next time a summer destination beckons you.

A reliable phone and power bank

Invest on a phone with good camera. Don’t forget a power bank!

It’s almost impossible to spend a vacation without snapping and sharing pictures of it on our social media accounts. A reliable cellphone will also help us make long travel periods shorter since it gives us a form of entertainment. For those who are expecting to be on the road more often, download applications and games that can help pass the time.

Aside from the fun and pictures, cellphones can be total life saver. Gone are the printed maps and yellow pages to refer to during a visit in a foreign place. Everything can be done with a smartphone, and that includes paying for goods. Don’t forget to carry a heavy duty power bank to instantly charge phones.


Getting a perfect tan is one of the main goals of the beach goers. They want to have that bronzed-up look that would look perfect in their Sunday dresses. But what people should always do prior to bathing in the sun is to gear the skin with proper protection.

Choose a sunscreen with at least 45 SPF for the body and an 80-SPF for the face. Make sure to apply the sunscreen 20-30 minutes before being under the sun to make sure that it’s all soaked up in the skin. For people who intend to spend more time on the beach, reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours to get good protection.

Waterproof bag

Be adventure-ready with a dry bag

Since the beach is composed of water and people are usually catching up with their swimming, make sure to put all valuables in a waterproof bag. Though we only intend on just laying down, we can’t always assure that people will do the same. There are those rowdy kids who play with water and party goers who spill their beers.

When planning a boating activity, expect that the water will find its way to our belongings. Putting everything in a dry bag or a waterproof bag may not be as fashionable but it gives protection that no fancy bag can ever give.


Nothing makes the summer more stylish than pairing your outfit with good sunglasses. It is a fashion staple that can also serve a higher purpose than just aesthetics. Sunglasses can protect our eyes form ultra-violet rays. We are also about to experience many sunsets and sunrises, having specs will help us appreciate it more without straining our eyes.

Make sure to buy legit sunglasses with UV protection. Cheap knock offs may be trendy but it can only do more harm than offer protection.

Swimming attire

What good is going to the beach without taking a dip in the sparkling sea? Packing up a bikini or a rush guard will always come in handy during an unplanned swimming escapade. Bikinis need not to be expensive. There are a lot of products being sold online with good quality which are very stylish. Just make sure to choose a design that will make us more confident to face the sea and pose for pictures.


Floaters are not just for kids but also for adults who want to snap the perfect holiday photo

News flash: floaters aren’t only for those people who don’t know how to swim. Now floaters serve a new purpose aside from preventing non-swimmers from drowning while enjoying the water. We see travel bloggers pose with colorful floaters and that’s when almost all beach-goers want to have one. The vibrant colors, cute prints and designs of floaters are the best props to achieve the perfect ‘Sea-cation’ photo. Not only is it cute but it also helps us tan in the ocean without making too much effort.

Going to the beach is always a good idea which is why buying these products should also be a priority. Don’t look at it as money waster, but rather as an investment for a more beach-perfect vacation.

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