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Habits That Make Us Unhappy

Each day includes a couple of dozens of repetitive actions. Some call them habits, some call them rituals. Sometimes they literally pull us back, preventing us from succeeding. We are sure, at least one of these is typical to you and we hope you can learn how to get rid of them.

According to the coach Tony Robbins – to the question of why we do what we do, there are only two answers: a) to avoid pain/suffering; b) to have fun.

Only these two reasons influence our decision-making processes. Answer yourself to the question: why didn’t you go for a run today? Why did you eat chocolate cake? Why did you sit up at work until midnight? For one of these two reasons. They affect your life and change it.

Under their influence, you have habits that gradually wedge in the daily routine, changing it not for the better. If you are not careful, these bad habits will literally squeeze out of you all the “vital juices”.

The Habit of Not Keeping The Promises

Many of us do what we promised to others, but for some reason, we do not keep the promises to ourselves. We promise to do sports, eat healthily, see a doctor, change jobs and enroll in foreign language courses. At the moment of making this decision, we feel emotional relief, but then gradually abandon the goal. We get used to this and lose control over our own solutions.

A good way to get rid of this habit is to promise yourself a reward for achieving the goal. For example, you want to buy a new bag and you can do it right now. But better make yourself this gift when you start running in the morning.

Habit to Snooze The Alarm

Doing this action and gaining 10 minutes of sleep will not do you any good, you lose the first fight of the day. Morning is the most productive part of the day. A long sleep does not charge you with energy but deprives it. It is better to think how many useful things you can do getting up an hour or two early. You will have time to meditate, prepare a useful dinner, go to a lesson in a foreign language or a driving course. In the end, you will have time to work without stress and hassle.

The Habit of Browsing The Internet before Sleep

Perhaps many of us have decided to check social networks at night, say at 10 pm suddenly realized that it took us around 2 hours. Night hovering on the Web does not bring any emotional or psychological benefits. Moreover, it harms our health. The glow of the screen interferes with the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone, which can lead to insomnia and vision problems. A chronic lack of sleep leads to overeating and, as a consequence, to excess weight.

If you want to read at night, take a book or a magazine. But try not to spend more time on this since sleep at night is most important.

The Habit of Regretting about The Past

All of us sometimes have a pity about what we once did or did not do. Sometimes we even fantasize about what our present would be like if we have acted in a certain way. But doing that is not good for you. The way we perceive and analyze our own actions affects our future.

You can not focus on a key life moment from the past or blame yourself for one mistake.

– Thinking “I should have done it differently … “, you blame yourself for something that went wrong.

– Thinking “I could have acted this way… “, you blame yourself for the missed opportunities.

– Thinking “I should have guessed …”, you blame yourself for the lack of knowledge and experience that could correct the situation.

Instead of empty regrets that will not change anything, concentrate on the present. And if the memories are still disturbing, tell yourself: “Next time, I will definitely do it differently!”

The Habit of Saying “Yes”

Modern society suffers from an epidemic of fear of missed opportunities. We want to have time for everything: visit fashionable places or new restaurants, go to a popular performance – and at the same time be the best parents and irreplaceable employees. We look at friends in social networks and strive to become as successful as they are. We are afraid to miss something important and therefore often agree to do something without being sure of the correctness of our own decision.

Take part in a new project? Yes! Run a marathon for the company? Yes! Go shopping on weekends? Yes!

How to manage all this without harming ourselves and going crazy?

In this pursuit of goals, one must not forget to devote time to himself. Do what you want – even if it’s not fashionable and not popular. Of course, this does not mean that you need to stay home. It’s just necessary to correctly prioritize and not to forget about the important things that matter to you and your happiness. Always ask yourself if you want to visit this restaurant, run a marathon, or maybe you want to stay at home instead and bake an apple pie?

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